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No one else is approaching recruiting the way we are, No one else is thinking about it the way we are, No one else is executing it the way we are...
The Organisation

InterManagement Manpower Services Limited is a professionally managed organization with all India network belonging to the Koyako Group. Registered as a Public limited company under Registrar of Commerce, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India .InterManagement' s registered office is at Cochin with corporate office in Mumbai.

We are registered with Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs as a overseas recruiting agency and having recruiting license number. B0770/KER/COM/1000+/3/3589/93 for the overseas recruitment of unlimited number of workers

We have implemented quality systems and we are certified as an ISO 9001-2008 certified organisation

As a pioneer overseas recruiting firm, InterManagement provides clients with unparalleled reach across industry sectors. InterManagement understands that the needs of your business are complex and evolving, and we are focused on developing and nurturing long-term, results-oriented partnerships

Our practice groups are home to the most talented, dedicated, and professional recruiters in the industry. The depth provided by their knowledge and experience is unmatched. InterManagement is also a culture of collaborative success. We work across sectors and offices in major cities of India to find the transcendent talent that will deliver financial value for your company–today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

InterManagement offers a variety of ways for clients and candidates to work with us to achieve their business and professional goals.. Regardless of the approach, InterManagement unique culture and rigorous methodologies drive competitive advantage. We provide trusted, consultative service by truly listening and responding to the needs of our clients, candidates, and associates. InterManagement is the premier recruiting partner in assisting mid-tier to top 100 companies in GCC to find transcendent talent; candidates fully realize their career ambitions; and associates finding professional fulfillment and financial success. As the business environment grows increasingly global and complex, human resources will need to play a more active and aggressive role in setting company strategies and ensuring their effective execution. HR executives are risk managers, culture coaches, legal experts, and personnel arbitrators. But as financial and global competitive pressures increase, finding, hiring, and retaining transcendent talent is undoubtedly foremost on their strategic agendas.

While those traditional areas of responsibility remain important, HR managers and senior executives increasingly deal with newer areas of emphasis. From driving organizational performance and building ethics and integrity into company culture to talent acquisition and enhancement, HR leaders will need to develop a more strategic, business-focused HR organization.

A critical factor for success will be creating and managing a seamless stream of talent into the company, creating a more diverse, global, and virtual workforce. Recruiting and retaining employees who can drive financial value is an imperative for success. No recruiting firm understands this better than InterManagement. We understand how important transcendent talent is to your success. And with offices in all major cities of India, we know where to find it. InterManagement human resources recruiters have deep industry knowledge, both in human resources and recruiting, making our firm a perfect complement to your company. That geographic reach and industry depth provide our clients with the experience and breadth necessary to excel in a highly complex global environment.

InterManagement culture and methodologies drive superior business results for our clients. No one else is approaching HR recruiting the way we are. No one else is thinking about it the way we are. No one else is executing it the way we are. We are redefining the executive recruiting experience through the use of market data, analytics, and consistent and candid communication to make your HR practice more effective.

Our goal is to be a trusted consultant that delivers tangible financial results for your company. We will surround you with meaningful attention that fosters a long-term relationship between you and InterManagement. We work daily to exceed your expectations.

The technology industry continues to both shape the world and be transformed by it. Few industries change what and how we do more rapidly, and few have to adapt to these changes more rapidly in order to succeed. Technology leaders face considerable technical, operational, and managerial challenges. Among them are intense competition, the pace of product innovation, globalization, and changing platforms and business models.

As the complexity of these challenges escalates, perhaps the greatest challenge in the industry is finding a continuous supply of innovative talent that can literally transform a company…and the world. That talent can emerge from anywhere in the world and moves rapidly through the technology industry. Finding, hiring, and retaining transcendent technical talent is critical to achieving business success.

Through first-hand work experience, InterManagement 's technology recruiters know how quickly the competitive parameters within the industry can shift. In technology, perhaps more than in any other industry, time is of the essence. Armed with an in-depth understanding of staffing needs and our exceptional network of connections across the industry, our executive recruiters can expeditiously deliver technology professionals who have both superior interpersonal skills and strong technical capabilities. These are the technology professionals who will drive business results for your company.

Our enthusiasm for new, better techniques come out of continually working at the cutting edge of technology. It is with creativity that InterManagement has developed many tools unique to Overseas Recruiting Assignments. InterManagement retain a panel of thirty two professionals from various trade and industry in order to ensure you get what you are looking for manpower that is efficient, educated experienced.

To serve, to serve fully, promptly and efficiently, to serve beyond the terms of contract. 42 years of Professional Excellence