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Success Stories

InterManagement is committed to driving superior results with each and every opportunity. We assist clients to find the transcendent talent they need; guide candidates to fully realize their career ambitions; and help associates build rewarding success.

Despite a tight labour market over recent years, InterManagement has consistently maintained a 98% successful recruitment rate. We're very proud of this success rate, especially considering the highly competitive nature of our industry. But we're not resting on our laurels. We know that we are only as good as our last recruitment, so we are continually striving to find new and better ways to serve our employers and job seekers. Hiring decisions impact people, families, careers, and companies. InterManagement is proud of our history and track-record of achievement. Our success stories span thousands of individuals and companies across in many different sectors, and we are pleased to share some here.

علي الرغم من صعوبة العمالة في الآونة الأخيرة, تحتفظ انتر منجمنت بمعدل نجاح ثابت يوازي 98%, نحن نفتخر بهذا المعدل العظيم رغم صعوبة النجاح في هذا المجال, ونحن علي علم بأننا علي نفس المستوي في محاولة إيجاد طرق جيدة وجديدة لخدمة عملائنا والباحثين عن وظائف.
  تفتخر انتر منجمنت بتاريخها وتسجيل نجاحاتها, ويمتد نجاحها إلي فوق ألاف من الأفراد والشركات في العديد من القطاعات مثل شركة المراعي. 

Almarai Company
This certificate of appreciation is issued to InterManagement Manpower Services Limited for their services to cater manpower requirements from India .We are happy with their prompt and professional services and wish them all success and look forward for an ongoing association.

David Evans - Group Recruitment Manager.
Hidada Limited
We have found InterManagement Manpower Services Ltd to be one of the most innovative, forward-thinking recruiting recruitment agencies that we have dealt with and we certainly view them as market leaders in India from this perspective. Not only do they think outside the square and constantly think about how better they could do things or in a more creative way for clients. They considerably focus on candidates as well.

When we sought their ideas on how we could tackle difficult recruitment issues, e.g. sourcing candidates in a highly tight market, they have come up with some innovative and creative suggestions.

As for Hidada, InterManagement have distinctly differentiated themselves from most other recruitment agencies in the market and we can consider them to be a valuable business partner as they come to know our business, develop relationships with key managers and find many effective ways to add value.

Wael Hejazi - HR/TT/Corporate Services Manager
Al Amoudi Beverage Industries
We have had a lot of experience in dealing with Indian recruitment agencies and have become cynical of the whole process. However, having been introduced to InterManagement, after simply sending an email in regard to recruitment, we have received outstanding service from every recruiter at InterManagement with whom we have dealt

InterManagement clearly work closely together as a team and have managed to overcome the communication barrier with each other and their clients. I knew I could count on the consultants at InterManagement to get back to me when they said they would, and to have the courtesy with regular updates, even when there were no new developments.

We are convinced that personalising customer service in the recruitment industry is definitely the way forward and that InterManagement has mastered the art."

Hussein Saleh Al Amoudi - Managing Director
Halwani Bros Ltd
With pleasure we certify that M/S Inter Management Manpower Services Limited, 7 Amjad Manzil , Juhu Thara Road, Mumbai headed by Mr. M. R. Tharola ( Sr. Vice President ), is our recruitment and manpower sourcing agents in india since last three years.

InterManagement Manpower Services Limited, has been ably assisting us in our recruitments from India and we highly appreciate their professionalism and prompt response to our manpower requirements. We commend their recruitment quality as well as their business dealings which are very straightforward and transparent.

We do not to recommend the services and expertise of InterManagement Manpower Services Limited to any employer who wishes to sources manpower from India.

Khaled Nagadi - HR Director
ABB Saudi Arabia
This certificate serves as a token of appreciation for your outstanding efforts in providing professional recruitment service for ABB Saudi Arabia.

We wish you the success for your future operations.

Zeid Al Rumahi - Group HRD Manager
Saudi Cable Co
InterManagement Manpower Services Limited is catering our manpower requirements since last twenty years.

During this period they have provided our business with a superb service from taking an initial brief through to final recruitment. At all times they have provided a first class approach to recruitment and have on a number of occasions exceeded expectations. InterManagement has quickly and efficiently successfully recruited number of people for our organisation. They have a good eye for good cultural fit and people with a positive 'can-do' attitude. Their approach of dealing with the initial screening and interviewing is very efficient and delivers a short-list of high quality candidates for us to meet.'

We would have no hesitation in recommending them and we are certain that they have been a major contributor to the success of our organisation

Saeed Al-Zahrani - Manager, Personnel & Recruitment
Hempel Paints Saudi Arabia
InterManagement Manpower Services Is ably assisting us in recruitment from India since last fifteen years and we highly appreciate their professionalism and prompt services.

We comment their head hunting and recruitment quality as well as their business dealing which are straight forward and transparent.

We do not hesitate to recommend the service and expertise of InterManagement Manpower Services Limited to any employer who wishes to source manpower from Indian subcontinent.

Yusuf Al Sayed - Country Manager
Savola Packaging Systems
We are happy to state InterManagement Manpower Services Limited is catering our manpower requirements from india, Nepal and Bangladesh since last eighteen years.

They have highly professional approach that enable them to meet the exact high standard of Savola .InterManagement have been able to source the suitable candidates every time we approached them.

We will not hesitate to recommend them to any organisation looking for professional recruiting agent and qualified/experienced manpower from India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Talal Abdullah Miliany - HR Manager
Saudi German Hospitals Group
Saudi German Hospitals Group's endeavour has been to provide to the best medical treatment to our patients. To achieve this we have hi-tech state-of-art equipments to ensure best in medical care top class surgeons and technicians are needed to efficiently handle these equipments; we must thank InterManagement ensuring that we get best talent as far as India is concerned InterManagement Manpower Services Limited has been sourcing the right professionals for us since 1989. They have sourced qualified and experienced Medical and Para-medical staff for hospitals at Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh and Abha

We are extremely happy with service of InterManagement and we are sure that our relationship will be long lasting.

Tarek Hassan - Corporate HR Manager
AQS – Pepsi Saudi Arabia
Between 1985 and 1988 we had to change our recruiter in India for more than eight times. When we lost our faith in Indian recruiting agents, one our business associate recommended InterManagement, we were hesitant. But with our first dealing with InterManagement we have to change our view about Indian recruiting agents, all are not same; there are some professional group - InterManagement. They are serving us since last 21 years.

Saed Al Shahrani - Personnel & Admin Manager
Jadawell Healthy Water Co Ltd
Our manpower requirements from India and Nepal is taken care of InterManagement Manpower Service Limited.

We are happy with their services , all our technical staff is interviewed and selected by the consultants of InterManagement, and we are happy with their selection. Their experience and expertise in recruitment for manufacturing companies is helping hand for us to save time and money.

Tariq A Al Busbate - Managing Director
It is our pleasure to certify that M/S InterManagement Manpower Services Limited, Mumbai , India is catering our manpower requirements since last three years .

We are extremely happy with their services. Till we contacted and signed contract with InterManagement, we were changing our recruiting agent for every recruitment campaign as we were not satisfied with their services.

InterManagement is prompt in their service and very transparent in dealing with us and candidates. We wish them all success, and will be happy to recommend InterManagement' s services to any organisation looking for a professional services in recruitment.

MOOSA BIN HAMDAN AL YUSUFI - RGO Expatriate Affairs Section
To serve, to serve fully, promptly and efficiently, to serve beyond the terms of contract. 42 years of Professional Excellence